EcoGEO 3-12 Compact Heat Pump

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EcoGEO 3-12 Compact Heat Pump

  • Continuous power control 25%-100%
  • Heating function, TV heating, passive and active cooling, pool water heating
  • With integrated tuv 165l tray
  • COP 4.6 (BOW35)
  • Inverter technology, Copeland compressor
  • Refrigerant R410A, according to variant 1.35 – 1.50 kg
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EcoGEO 3-12 Compact Heat Pump

  • Integrated measurement of heat pump consumption and efficiency
  • EH extension option – Additional backup electric heating
  • The HTR expansion option – (High Temeprature Recovery) allows simultaneous production of heat/cold and hot water (TV) up to 70°C without EH
  • Possibility of remote access via Wi-Fi interface

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The soil temperature is stable all year round, the greater the depth, the more stable the temperature. Geothermal heat pumps use this clean, renewable and free energy source that we have right under our feet as the main source of energy to produce heat in winter, cold in summer and water heating all year round.

Ecoforest heat pumps have a wide range of outputs that cover from 1 kW to 600 kW and contain variable speed inverter compressors. The inverter regulates the speed of the compressor and thanks to ecoGEO's regulatory strategies adapts to the ideal of the comfort zone, allowing rational use of the energy consumed. In this way, only the amount of energy needed for a particular building is provided at any time.

EcoGEO heat pumps allow you to significantly increase your savings not only by their high efficiency, which they work with daily. In addition, thanks to Ecoforest's technology and experience, these geothermal heat pumps have easier installation, are more compact and economical than other heat pumps on the market, allowing for the abandoning of certain components that would need to be installed externally into a traditional heat pump.

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