M-tec Duomix

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Duo-mix facts:
Application areas and applications: All drawable dry plasters and mortars such as:

  • Plaster plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Cement plasters
  • Lime plaster
  • Lime-cement plaster
  • Malta to be walled
  • Insulating plasters
  • Reinforcing mortar and mortar for bonding substrates
  • Self-leveling screeds
  • Malta to be walled
  • Glue
  • Thin-layer sealers
  • High quality products
  • Pasty products (optional)

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King on the construction: duo-mix

Excellent mixing quality and maximum ability to adapt to a variety of materials are unique properties that will exas hered duo-mix. The reasons for this are as follows: the dual double-blending system and m-tec's patented principle of mixing "material into water" are a combination that no other plasterer on the market can offer!

With this peculiarity, the duo-mix guarantees the best homogeneous quality of mortar even for difficult-to-mix products, such as building chemistry products. In addition, the duo-mix2000 has a continuously adjustable performance and is extremely suitable for special products. Thanks to perfect mixing, the duo-mix is able to transport the material over long distances.

The areas of application of the duo-mix can be expanded in a multifaceted way. In addition to the function of the plastering machine, the duo-mix can also be converted into a continuous mixer or a mortar pump for processing pasty materials. The corresponding reconstruction is done in just a few steps.

Duo-mix can be supplied with both bag goods, silo material (in conjunction with m-tec silo, pneumatic transport equipment and lid with filters), as well as pasty materials.

The duo-mix also has wedge lock systems with extremely easy and fast handling, with which the replacement of important elements, e.g. pump or dosing motor, only a matter of seconds.


M-tec Duomix Benefits

Duo-mix can be used as a plaster machine, continuous mixer or mortar pump. Together with smooth power control (for duo- mix2000), you have as many functions available as for the entire machine park!
Intelligent machinery enables work without interruption due to fluctuations in the density of the mixture. By separating the wet and dry part, a permanently constant ratio of dry material and water is achieved.
Our patented mixing system enables extremely high quality blends. In conjunction with double mixing, this system guarantees the best processing of mortar products.
The combination of clearly structured controls, illustrative control diagram with indication of error messages on the bonnet of the machine (duo-mix2000 only), transport handles and wedge caps is simple handling of the plasterer
Due to the particularly large transport distance, the difficult and time-consuming movement of the machine after construction is no longer difficult. Your plus: more efficient use of working hours!


Patented principle of mixing "material into water"
duo-mix processes all common products from dry mixtures to 4 mm. The biggest technical advantage of the duo-mix machine is the transfer of material from dosing to the mixing part: water is not sprayed as yet on the material, but the material is dispensed according to the patented mixing principle, it is poured into the water bath
and stirred. The result: even more gently mixed building materials and the full effect of additives.




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Weight 250000 g
Dimensions 135 × 64 × 139 cm